Pictures from 2010 Haiti Trip

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'Let the Children come to Jesus' to receive the Water of Life indeed!

Ace Mission Cameraman' John Loewen looking into the future of Rural Missions at the right spot - remote, Mountainous region of rural Haiti

'Ace' Team Cameraman, surprised by God's wonderful creation - a Plateau or chains of Mountains!

'Hair Crat' is God-given talent to the African Woman worldwide1

A Beautiful and Rich land with glorious trees!

A Bomb blast or Earthquake

A clinical Team was there to give us a Helping Hand, combining the divine with modern medicine

A meandering, dusty road in the mist of an Avalanche of Mountain chains

A Mountain covered sometimes with thick foliage!

A Section of the various Orphanages in Haiti

A time of Fatherhood, fellowship and love indeed!

A tired-looking Team Members passing through plantain plantation

American Embassy

An anointed ''Banner Dancer'' Centre de Mars Crusade grounds. A member of the American Team

Apostle Narh among the Team in front of the entrance of the Rural Mountain Church

Apostle Narh and John Bailey

Apostle Narh leading the way in the exhaustive bush path after preaching in a very remote Mountainous region of Haiti

Apostle Narh praying for girl as Elder Jephro believes with faith

Apostle Narh, Belgica and Evangelist John Loewen, right in front of the entrance to our main Mountain top, rural Chapel

Baiely's girlfriends

Bailey with girlfriends

Bailey's girlfriends

Bailey's girlfriends

Bailey's girlfriends

Bailey's girlfriends


Beautiful Haiti with the adorning Mountains at the Background

Belgica and Josefina outside of Pastor Larime's church

Belgica with different children from orphanage

Belgica with little girls

Belgica, Josefina, and different children from orphanage

Belgica, Josefina, and various children from orphanage

Beljica and Apostle Narh on foot as our van broken whilst journeying to a Remote village on a meandering and high plateau of Mountains

Bernard Narh

Bull in middle of field



Children along road on way to El Bethel outside city

Climbing up hill to orphanage

Dancing unto the Lord - an American shows how in Haiti



Donkey with saddle bags filled up

DR - Another shot of children who invited Jesus into their hearts - John, Josefina, and Belgica in background

DR - Bernard inviting children to come forward to accept Jesus

DR - Children receiving the Lord after preaching

DR - People dressed up for festival

DR - The children who invited Jesus into their hearts

Earth quake devastated city - as with a Bomb blast!

Earthquake impact - absolute destruction!

Elder Jephro Charleston demonstrates to the Team of the custom and behavior of the 'Voodoo Priests' in Haiti!

Entering Another Chapel in Piere payen for Ministry

Even Little drops of water was rated like gold to quench the taste of this little girls at the orphanage

Even our Van looks so 'exhausted' as we labor to serve the Lord in this part of the world - Haiti

Even the Minutest incidents to our Rented Truck was photographed and recorded for Accountability and Stewardship

Even the Village dog was ready to 'hear' the Gospel!

Even Women, such as Team-member, Belgica, from the Dominican Republic occasionally led the way too, appearing very tireless!

Exhausted but Joyful Team Members returning from an exhaustive, but rewarding Mission amongst the awed rural folk!

Fellowship and Sharing time, full of humor - led by Pastor

Food at Dr. Manuel Valdez Residence

Food at Pastor Valdez

Getting water at orphanage

Goats under banana tree

God's handy Works so beautiful in rural Haiti

Great Light Vs. Thick Darkness



Haiti - a land of Mountains and Valleys, Ups and Downs Maybe

Haiti - Back of a hiker

Haiti - Bailey with mountains in background

Haiti - Bailey with women along walk

Haiti - Bailey's girlfriends

Haiti - Bailey's girlfriends

Haiti - Belgica and others walking up mountain

Haiti - Damage to the presidential palace

Haiti - Earthquake Damage

Haiti - Earthquake Rubble

Haiti - Girl taking water up the hill

Haiti - Hunter Crusade - Praise and worship

Haiti - Hunter Crusade

Haiti - Jephlo on hike with mountains in background

Haiti - Josefina - with mountains in background

Haiti - Josefina and Belgica with mountains in background

Haiti - Lady along the road

Haiti - Little girl

Haiti - Location of car when we took off on foot for mountain villager

Haiti - More earthquake damage

Haiti - one of Bailey's kids

Haiti - Path up the mountains

Haiti - Rock being supported by root system

Haiti - side of hill

Haiti - Various hitchhikers

Haiti - View ahead as we walk up mountain

Haiti - View of Port au Prince

Haiti - Walking up the side of a mountain

Haiti -John Walking to mountain village on road

Haiti Became a 'City of Tents' after the Earthquake devastation!

Haiti is Blessed with Many Natural Resources; But also adorned with Beautiful flowers

Haitian Crusade and Our Moral Support

Healing Session at the Crusade

Here, the Team is Returning from Haiti, in the Midst of a long convoy between the Haitian-the Dominican Rep. Border back Santo Domingo

High Street preserved from Earthquakes

In Front of the Rural Chapel - Team and Church Members

In Mountains - motor bike

Inside the Rural chapel proper

In spite of the devastation, Haitian Believers were vibrant, singing, dancing and praising the Lord

Jephlo from Haiti

Jephro Charelston, one of the sacrificial Haitian church Leaders, took his turn of 'Reposee'

Jephro Leading the away back to the city of Port-au-Prince

John (the hills are alive) Loewen

John (the hills are alive) Loewen

John - Pastor Larime's church

John Bailey and Josephina (Hosefina) taken a rest on the cliff

John Bailey leading the Team after our preaching in the remotest Mountainous region of Haiti

John Bailey on mountain

John Bailey outside of Pastor Larime's Church

John Loewen outside of Pastor Larime's church

Josefina at River that she had dreamed about

Josephina (Hosefina) and Church folk right at the entrance to our Host Church on the Remotest Mountain - inaccessible by vehicles!

Josephina (Hosefina) carrying her bed pad for the long journey, as Apostle Narh leads the way at the extreme end

Josephina (Hosephina), Belgica and Apostle Narh

Josephina holding goat

Josephna, Berjica and Apostle Narh

Junior, our selfless driver who joined the Team, like Belgica from the Dominican Rep

Just driving off After 2 days Preach Ministry in this Rural Church in Haiti

Just like in one of my Rural African nations - A rural cock in front of a rural Kitchen

Lady carrying items

Like African, Like Haitian kids indeed!

Like African, Like Haitian kids indeed!

Little girls

Loving Kids is the Apostle's vision and calling too1

Moments of rest by some of the Team members after several hours of descending the Mountains of rural Haiti

More 'Tent City' in Haiti

More pictures at the crossing of the extremely busy, dusty and slow Haiti-Dominican Border crossing

Motor Bikers came to our Rescue, picking the bags of the Team; whilst we did the waking

Mountain Road

Mountain Road

Mountain scenery

Mountain walkers

Mountain Road

More Crusade Pictures

On the Team's return from Haiti back to the Dominican Republic, we made several stops on the way to Preach the Gospel wherever the opportunity showed up!

Orphanage on side of mountain

Orphanage Pastor, Josefina, Belgica

Palm Tree

Palm trees and banana trees

Pastor Leudner, one of the Pastors in charge of the Orphanage and organizing the Mission trip to the rural region of Haiti

Path leading to Church facility

People yieldingni their lives to Jesus on Daily basis


Photo - giving water to kids

Photo 1 - mountainside orphanage

Photo at El Bethel outside city

Picture of earthquake rubble

Preaching & Aftermath Snacks in one of the Pastors Residence

Presidential palace

Presidential palace

Presidential palace

Receiving Jesus as Lord in a huge Bible Church in the Domican Rep

Remember - you Are the Light of this Dark World

Rental Car



Sometimes, the Team has no choice but to join long traffic jams in the scorching and dusty roads of Haiti

Still Tracking by foot in between hostile rocks and stones as we descend the long chain of Mountains

Sunset as we enter Haiti

Supper at Pastor Valdez'

Supper at Pastor Valdez'

Table in front of pulpit - Pastor Larime's church

Team Leader John Bailey Showing the Way - Receiving Jesus publicly

Team plus Luckner and Magali and Jephlo

Team plus Luckner, Donna, wife, and Jephlo

Team with Luckner and Jephlo

Team with Luckner and Jephlo

The 5-Member Missionary Team made that tortuous journey from Santo Domingo, the Capital of the Dominican Rep, crossing Over to Port-au-Prince, the Capital of Haiti

The Apostle among other Team Members strategizing the vision plan for this virgin Mountain earmarked for a church complex

The Divine and Modern medicine streams - a great feat for His Kingdom

The Gt. crowd receiving Jesus as their Lord

The left mud house is the Kitchen whilst the right shelf is corn barn or storage

The Local Mountain Church at the entrance of the Chapel during a morning session

The Team 'trod' their feet on this Mountainous terrain earmarked by one of the Rural Pastors for the construction of a Church complex

The Team Leader, with Apostle Narh at the Crusade grounds

The Team was at the Joel Osteen's grand Crusade grounds to offer our moral support

This is our Team's 'ace Cameraman' Jon Loewen, in awe of the beautiful, Mountainous landscape of Haiti's remotest region

This is the Entrance proper to the kitchen where sumptuous meals was prepared for the Missionaries

This is where we lived, and do everything to win souls for His Kingdom. These Kids eventually became our 'extended family'

This photo depicts the true African heritage in Haiti! Here, A Market Mommy is seen selling her Mangoes, as another girl fries her yams right by the Roadside

This small room was able to house all the Team members, the Ladies in the adjacent 'Chamber', together with the Rural Pastors who accompanied us!

Tree with interesting root system

Trucks next to road

View of mountains

View of P O Prince

View outside window

Worshiping with Spirit, Might, Mind and Strength Santo Domingo

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